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Doug Logan

Arch, you and T are too kind by far, dear sir. I wrote the poem in about 1980 or 81, when I was walking through the park every day to work at Dodd, Mead. So it's quite possible that I've shown it to you before. In any case, it was never published. But you may be remembering that wacky art installation on Seward's statue, too. You were in NYC at the time, playing down at CBGBs, I believe?
- DL


Doug -
Your poems are exquisite, a comment that T made just the night before last.
Funny, though. This one seems familiar. Is it possible it comes from the archives of your works?
In any case, here's a Richard Wilbur number I think touches you and Meliss (among others): http://www.poets.org/viewmedia.php/prmMID/15487

Patrick Murphy

This is an evocative poem for me. It's set at an earlier time but it seems like it could have been composed in yet another hard September in New York.

Especially timely too these lines:

The nation is divided still, and will be – a busy land of passion, of volition./
Here, at dawn, the air billows with hope. Consequence has not begun.

Coincidence? Isn't that what makes a timeless poem?

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