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Tim Murphy

In a backwards way, this puts me in mind of my favorite James MacMurtry verse. It's from his song "Levelland."

Back before the central air
Mama used to roll her hair
We'd sit and watch the stars at night
She'd tell me to make a wish
I'd wish we both could fly
I don't think she's seen the sky
Since we got the satellite dish.


Hey Arch --
You can find most international fonts in MS Word under Insert -> Symbol, or just switch the keyboard layout in Word to the language you want. The iPhone has a Cyrillic keyboard layout that's easier to toggle to, so I just use that in the Notes function, then email myself the file.
-- DL


Hey dude!
Where do you find your foreign fonts?
I lost my Old English fonts a couple or three (obsolete) computers ago. Now I can't find them in the far-famed "out there."

Padraig - yeah. Yeats rocks: "Did she put on his knowledge with his power / Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?"

Doug Logan

Ha!! Good get. I guess I was hoping that the soul's assumption that the wing was a swan's and not an angel's would acknowledge the myth, just as the chair reference acknowledges Plato, but that the reader, like the soul, would let those things flow by and return to an awareness of a remote, reattainable innocence. I think that's what Lermontov's original poem does so well.

Padraig Murchadha

The dream is perfectly Ledean. All it wants is a shudder in the loins.


Is not your perfect sound and Mikhail's song the same ? And the place your sound goes and his originates from real life.....not the one we are experiencing here and now?

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